About Us

About Us

PlanYourCargo is a brand name owned by PYC Logistics Pvt. Ltd. a company registered in India in the year 2016 and developed as a free online private freight (Ocean, Air and land) aggregator.

PlanYourCargo.com is a web portal where customers can quickly get an overview of the available transport solutions, make a selection matching their specific requirements, and instantly book the services. It aims to improve the buying experience for businesses looking for transportation solutions, focussing on many parameters, such as timing, transit time and complete price.

PlanYourCargo offer shippers, importers, forwarders, customs agents, brokers a convenience of online freight buying after valid comparison, enabling to save 30-40% of the operational costs and reduce lead time of freight buying from 7 days to just 2 minutes.

PlanYourCargo offer carriers, transporters a platform to make their services and offerings reach to a wide network of customers, overcoming all the sales and personnel related challenges, thereby saving 40-80% operational and marketing costs.

PYC logistics Pvt. Ltd. is an International Freight Forwarding and Container Shipping Service Company amongst the largest shipping companies from Mumbai, India. We provide domestic and global shipping, cargo and freight transport services online. This helps companies from various industries by providing freight rate calculator online to compare shipping rates for exports and imports from and to India.

PlanYourCargo also aims to stay ahead of the curve by continually evolving its technology to meet the ever changing demands of the rapidly developing global logistics market. It will be much more than just a logistics portal, maybe a famous pioneering brand for its one-stop-logistics-shop that offers the broadest selection of logistics products and services in India, in future scalable around the world as well.

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