LCL Frequently Asked Questions

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Less than Container Load (LCL)?

LCL mode of shipping allows you to ship smaller quantities of cargo as per your readiness and flexibility to pay pro-rata for the shipping container. Cargo of other exporters is combined with your cargo in one container thus achieving freight optimisation. PYC Logistics is able to offer LCL as well as FCL services on its portal.

What is the difference between a “Full” or “Less-than” container shipment?

A full-container-load means only cargo is being shipped in one specific container (whether full or half empty). You pay for full freight and local charges (both ends) for that container. A less-than-container load is when cargo from other exporter is also combined in one specific container.

Do you handle Export and Import Both?

At this stage, on we only have export rates live. In future, we will also have import services put up. Until then, please send us your import shipments enquiry at and we will assist you offline.

Which Origin do you serve in India?

For exports, we have rates over Nhava Sheva, ICD Ahmedabad and ICD Ludhiana on the website. For other locations, please send us your enquiry at and we will assist you offline.

Which area/trade in the world do you serve from India?

You will find rates for Europe, USA and Africa. Shortly, we also cover the other trade like South/Central America, Middle East, South East and Far East Asia.

What if my commodity is not found in the commodity drop down list?

Such a situation will be rare but if it occurs select any commodity and alert us at the time of the booking. We shall validate the rates and confirm if that would lead to any changes.

Do you serve hazardous cargo?

Online you won’t find the Haz rates just as yet. For any hazardous cargo enquiry, we can take your enquiries offline.

Do you offer rates for personal effects?

Yes. But usually, LCL co-loader will not prefer to take personal effects. You may refer the FCL rate from the website which we will then try and optimize with any combined loads. For this category, we will only issue Master BL and will carry shipments only from port to port (P2P). We are unable to offer add-on services like Customs Clearance, Transport and Insurance for any personal effect cargo.

Can we place the booking for perishable goods on LCL mode?

There is no LCL service in reefer container as yet. We can offer you Reefer FCL in offline mode.

How are the rates determined for LCL?

LCL freight is dependent on the commodity, dimension/wt. of the package. It is best quoted based basis weight (w) or measurement (CBM), whichever is higher. The minimum charge is for 1 MT ~ 1000Kgs.

Can we do the one booking for separate 2 or 3 commodities?

No, you cannot do this online, but we can handle this at the time of booking.

What does fumigation mean?

Fumigation is a method of pest control that fills the items with a gaseous substance to kill bugs, pests, exotic organisms inside of the shipment. This process is mandatory for some countries like Australia, Singapore and others. Besides, if your package is in wooden crate/pallet/box fumigation is compulsory.

Is change of POD possible after booking? Or we must place a fresh booking?

No. Simply call one of the PYC representative and we will assist in the best possible way until the cargo is customs cleared.

Under LCL, who is responsible for SOLAS?

Shipper is the responsible to provide the maritime (ocean) carrier ('master') and the terminal operator ('terminal representative') with the verified gross mass of a packed container. The carrier and the terminal operator will not load a packed container aboard a ship unless they have the verified gross mass for that container.

Can I bargain or get a discount for volume shipments?

Yes. If you have more than 10 CBM in one shipment, we can check for a special deal/discount and pass on the benefit. Please get in touch with one of our representative and we will do the needful.

Can I buy Insurance for my LCL?

Yes. We can provide online and instant Insurance services when all the necessary information is provided. We provide all risk cover policies at very competitive prices.

Can I fix a rate for a longer time?

We appreciate longer partnership and happy to extend the validity basis your projection. This needs to be discussed basis the volume and duration and accordingly we can offer longer validity rates.

How do we get the necessary certificate as per the LC requirement?

Please let us know at the time of the booking and we will ensure the requirements are covered. All the standard certificates related to vessel age/flag, institute classification clause, vessel built and classification, vessel seaworthiness, ISM/Solas & SMC/DOC, P&I Club membership, vessel calling restricted territorial waters and others are issued as per the correct political language.

What kind of BL do you issue? What are the timelines?

We will issue the Master BL for all port – port shipments. Idea is to keep the destination charges and activities hassle free for your consignee/buyer
When a pick-up or delivery is involved and should you need House BL, we can issue the House BL. Usually, we would be able to dispatch the BL within 48 hrs of vessel sailing. This is provided you have submitted the correct BL Instruction before the DOC cut-off
For US locations, we will issue Forwarder’s House BL only. Agent DOC fee will be USD 75/BL.

How does the BL reach me?

We can hand deliver the Originals if you are in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane. For other locations, we would use domestic reliable courier companies unless you want your or CHA’s person to collect it from our office.

What is the procedure for Insurance Claims on Lost or Damaged Shipments?

Lost and damaged items are generally handled through you, the carrier and the insurance company. Always file the claim as soon as possible; it must be filed within 30 days of delivery. We will hold your hands as much as possible in case there is any Insurance claim. If the follow-up takes lot of our time, we reserve to charge an admin fee for the hand holding.

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